It was a small dream which initiated Mr Ganesh Patel to illuminate the world by forming a proprietor company in the name of SPARKLE ENTERPRISES in 2007. He was ablely supported by Mrs. Mitali Saini who had a similar object in life.

In 2011 Mr. Ganesh Patel & Mrs. Mitali Saini formed a private limited company in the name of SPARKLE ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED. Since then this company is moving ahead in achieving their dreams of getting electricity in interior Maharashtra.

Mr. Ganesh Patel and Mrs. Mitali Saini are doing lots of research and meeting people all round the world in pursuit in achieving the dream as early as possible. Today with the vision and capabilities Mr. Ganesh Patel can see his dream getting achieved.

In his journey in achieving this goal he is ablely supported by his friends Mr Mahesh Wadhwa and Mr Shrinath Bhargava who took up this project as their project and provided the technical and the financial aspects which they are professionally qualified.

This team have come together and worked hard in constructing this dream into reality which would be commissioned very soon in near future.