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SEPL has scouted for and surveyed places all over Maharashtra and has Indentified suitable places near Satara & Sangali, in Maharashtra for setting up Wind Farms. SEPL has applied for and obtained necessary approvals from the authorities for development of 140MW Wind Farm, which shall be enhanced as and when necessary.
SEPL has been promoted by Mr. Ganesh A. Patel, Mrs. Mitali D. Saini, Mr. Ashok G. Shelar

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Infrastructure development being carried out by SEPL include, Identification of Area, obtaining approvals for the identified Area, Acquisition of Lands, Development of Lands, Civil Works for WEG Foundations, Electrical works being setting up transmission lines for evacuation of Electricity to the nearest Sub-station.
The process includes monitoring the wind patterns over a period of more than 12 months by setting up Wind Masts and recording the wind speed, wind direction, air density etc. at various heights and using the data for arriving at accurate generation of electricity for different types of Wind Electric Generators. SEPL, utilizing the services of top notch Professionals in this field, carried out survey of many places for setting Up Wind Farms and has identified places near Satara & Sangali, Maharashtra
B. Obtaining Approvals:
The basic approval for development of Wind Farms is given by the Maharashtra Renewable Electricity Department Authority Maharashtra. a Government of Maharashtra . The approval has to be confirmed by the Ministry of Energy, Maharashtra and a Government Order has to be passed in the official gazette of the Government, allotting the areas to the applicant. The process takes its own time and SEPL has been fortunate to get the all the approvals for all the areas applied for.
SEPL has obtained approval for 140MW in the first phase, and the Approval shall be enhanced with payment of required fees and meeting Necessary expenses. In the areas identified by SEPL minimum of 500MW Wind Farm can be set up.
B. Acquisition of Land:
The areas identified by SEPL for the Wind Farm Development are largely agricultural lands, of small farmers, for cultivation of Corn, Cotton etc. In India, the acquisition of lands from farmers for industrial development is a delicate and often a tricky process. Usually big industrial Conglomerates acquire large quantities of lands with the help of the State Government. The business houses do not directly deal with the farmers and the State Governments usually hands out only pittance to the Farmers. The farmers are deprived of their basic livelihood creating socioeconomic law and order problems.
SEPL has been acquiring only the bare minimum land required for each WEG, so that farm lands are not acquired unnecessarily. SEPL has made it corporate policy to deal directly with farmers and has been utilizing the Services of the local community leaders. SEPL has also undertaken necessary alternate income generation opportunities for the farmers including providing employment at the Wind Farm Sites. This participation and involvement of the local farmers in the process of the development has created a congenial and peaceful atmosphere at the Wind Farm sites.
C. Development of Lands:
Approvals have to be obtained from local authorities for converting the Agriculture lands into industrial lands for Wind Farm purposes. The lands acquired are to be then marked for WEGs, which is called Micrositing, setting up approach roads, Metering Yards, power lines for Evacuation of Electrical power etc. making it suitable for a Wind Farm.
The lands identified and acquired as mentioned above then shall be prepared for setting up of Wind Electrical Generators, (WEGs). WEGs vary in capacity. The smallest 225KW capacity. The largest WEG being used in India is of 2MW capacity. The WEGs are installed on a foundation of concrete with approved drawing, design and specification.

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The approval is given for drawings, design taking into account the height and weight of the WEG tower, weight of the Nacelles, housing the gear box, blades etc. The specifications also include the quality of the Materials to be used. The foundations are laid as per the above specifications, usually with the Supervision and approval of the WEG suppliers.
SEPL has been promoted by Mr. Ganesh A. Patel, Mrs. Mitali D. Saini, Mr. Ashok G. Shelar

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Electrical Works include setting up D.P. Structure (Double Pole) near the WEG and transmission line internally at the Wind Farm site and externally from the Wind Farm site to the Sub-Station.
All the electrical lines are to be of approved design, and the power generated from the WEGs shall be evacuated only after the appropriate officials inspect the lines for quality and specifications.
Usually the internal lines are set up in the Wind Farms without any hassles. External lines depend on the nearest sub-station from the Wind Farm site. SEPL has put up external lines for more than 10Km for the first phase, which can accommodate 140MW in capacity and widely used in India.